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Awesome Zeolite: Ultimate Natural Odor Eliminator (True Story Proof!)

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Awesome Zeolite: Ultimate Natural Odor Eliminator (True Story Proof!)

Post by AlleyRose on Mon Feb 29, 2016 8:45 pm

Most likely you’ve had occasion to need some type of a natural odor eliminator, but haven’t wanted to use chemical products. Pet odors, car interior smells, locker room stench, special areas of the home, dog runs, musty basements, diaper pails, RV storage, mold, mildew…you name it, zeolite is the Mack Daddy of natural odor eliminators!
It’s without a doubt one of the best natural odor control substances that really does work. An added bonus is that it works great for moisture absortion, too.

2 True Stories: Zeolite Really Works as a Natural Odor Eliminator in Tough Situations

In fact, on a personal note, my husband and I have had two major occasions to enjoy the super duper power of zeolite to remedy stubborn, odor-obnoxious situations.
1. The Impossibly Smelly Car Interior
The first was when we bought a used Jeep that had unfortunately been “cleaned” and detailed with some sort of awful smelling product that pretty much made it impossible for me to ride in. The odor became apparent especially when the sun warmed the leather interior.
A leather shop owner told my husband that probably someone had slathered a silicone based conditioner everywhere in the car and that it was very difficult to remove. It even made the leather tacky feeling.
I really couldn’t ride in it because of headaches, feelings of nausea and respiratory problems. After experimenting with ways to remove the stuff, I hit on using a tablespoon of trisodium phosphate in 1/2 gallon of warm water to wash down the interior. (No, it didn’t hurt the leather at all.)
Geared up with face mask and gloves, I washed it down several times. It was amazing at how much better the interior smelled. The tackiness was also gone. But, a slight smell kept creeping back whenever it was warm.
I happened to remember a few small zeolite bags I had in the house and tossed them in the car, two on the dash and one beside each of the front seats. Amazingly, it wasn’t long before I could safely ride in the Jeep. We keep the zeolite bags where they are for continued odor control. They work great.
2. Replaced Awful Air Fresheners at Fitness Gym
The next incident came when the large gym where my husband works out, decided to install automatic air fresheners that intermittently squirted out synthetic fragrance throughout the entire place.
So, no more gym for me.
After a few months, one day the owners were having a casual conversation with my husband about how much the commercial air fresheners were costing them. They were also wondering about a more natural alternative.
That was an open door. My husband immediately told them about zeolite for natural odor elimination. They did a little research and then, bought large buckets of it to place around strategic areas of the gym: work out areas, locker rooms and sauna. They are very pleased with the results.
Me, too. Now, no more chemical fragrances. I’ve actually joined the gym again.

What is Natural Zeolite

The Toxics Information Project explains zeolite this way, “Zeolite is a naturally occurring crystallized volcanic mineral. In fact there are at least 50 different types existing in nature (in rock form), though the type which is recognized as superior is known as the clinoptiolite group.
What makes zeolite unusual is that it is the only known negatively charged mineral in an original state, which means it naturally absorbs pollutants from the air. But the most remarkable property of zeolite is that, in rock form, it is reusable indefinitely!”
All you have to do is reactivate it in the sun about every 3 months for optimum odor absorption.
Natural zeolites occur in many different environments, both in the U.S. and abroad. Geologists have discovered a large variety of sedimentary sources of zeolites all over the world. Many natural deposits are found everywhere from the U.S. to India. Zeolites are also manufactured synthetically for various purposes.

Uses for Zeolite

This unique mineral substance is used in many applications for:

  • Agricultural

  • Home

  • Industrial

  • Medical

  • Health

Zeolite is additionally processed to be ingested as a detox and chelation supplement for a variety of natural health protocols. However, there have been some concerns about using it for this purpose because of various levels of naturally occurring lead and aluminum content in some supplements.

Where to Buy Zeolite for Odor Elimination

The cost of zeolite products vary according to how much you purchase and in what form it is produced. You can usually find zeolite natural odor eliminator products in many stores that specialize in natural, nontoxic products.

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