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Post by AlleyRose on Wed Nov 16, 2016 10:55 pm

This is an imperative step to living on a ridiculous budget. We've all done it, finished work, its 5.30 the last thing you feel like doing is going home and cooking dinner or even worse having to go grab food to cook on the way home, so what do we do? We got to KFC or Maccas. 

We have become way to fast paced, over worked and underpaid, we have to leave for work earlier and we get home later, for a lot of us we know there are kids waiting eagerly at home for our attention not to mention dinner and we are doing fast calculations in our heads while we drive what needs to be prioritised. Ugh a quick dinner lets get drive-through.

We get home the kids meet as at the door, what's for dinner I'm starving, dinner is over and done in half an hour as opposed to maybe an hour if we were to cook.  The trouble with this lifestyle of convenience is that none of us are getting nourished. Our brains aren't working properly, the kids brains aren't developing properly and they stand to have weight issues once they get into their late teens.  

The better way to handle all this is get yourself a slow cooker, these are not expensive and you can get a decent one for under $100. Google slow cooker recipes, most recipes will use a stewing meat which is a win all round because not only does it taste good it's cheap too! Grab some flavor sachets next time you go shopping, again cheap as and a handful of veges. By the time you get home dinner will be cooked and all you have to do is maybe cook some rice or pasta.  Not only are you getting a good nutritious meal it's also less rubbish. All the bags and cups and cup holder just get thrown into the ground to deteriorate but it takes a long time. Cook your own meals you are contributing to the environment which is always a good thing and you are saving a tonne of money.

So if you don't already have one go and grab a slow cooker and I promise you this will become your new best friend!


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