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Meal Planning Empty Meal Planning

Post by AlleyRose on Mon Dec 05, 2016 9:12 pm

I have never had to meal plan before and while I do it now its a very informal way of doing things.

So when I go shopping I always do a day by day of what we can eat for meals and snacks the cheapest way possible without having to compromise our health entirely lol!

What we do is only have meat 3 times a week and we have completely cut down our portion sizes too. We eat waaaay too much and its not necessary and it's a very good explanation as to why my hubby and I are FAT!

Fruit and veg is pretty expensive in this country so we buy whats on special and stay away from the luxury fruits like stonefruits. Grapes here at the moment are $9 a kilo!!! Ridiculous!  It's no wonder it is actually cheaper to eat takeaway!

Bread can be bought for under $1 a loaf from Aldi, but if you dont have an Aldi your local grocery store should still have bread under $1. Buy enough for the week then you aren't forced to just duck up to the corner store where you will pay $4 for a loaf! Do the same with your milk, buy it in bulk at the grocery store.  

I always have bacon in the freezer. I have found if you have bacon, eggs, onions, cream and bread you will always have a meal, eg - quiche, bacon & eggs, bacon & egg toasted sandwich, pasta bake just to name a few.

Another meal we love is toasted cheese and tomato grilled sandwiches, 3 ingredients and you have a meal! Easy and cheap! 

Salads are great too, throw some baked beetroot, caramelised onions and sweet potato into a green salad and you have a delicious meal.

So you see if you sit down and really think about what can be eliminated from your diet you will save yourself a LOT of money. Planning, while good, does not have to be anal, just get an idea in your head and stick to it.

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