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Top Warning Sign And Health Risks of Vitamin D Deficiency

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Top Warning Sign And Health Risks of Vitamin D Deficiency

Post by AlleyRose on Mon Jun 30, 2014 12:54 am

Vitamin D deficiency has become a fairly common condition in adults. This is a somewhat new finding; however lack of Vitamin D can cause some bad changes to the body. Adults are especially affected because most adults don’t eat foods that have Vitamin D and they often receive very little sunshine.
What does Vitamin D do?
Vitamin D is responsible for the ability of the body to absorb the mineral calcium. Calcium is necessary to build bones, teeth and other structures. This is why most calcium tablets include Vitamin D. It is also necessary to the electrical reactions that cause muscles to function, including the heart. Vitamin D also plays a role in fighting infections; those will low Vitamin D levels often have many infections. Clearly this Vitamin is vital to bodily function. The body is capable of making Vitamin D using the effect of the sun on the skin, but most people simply don’t expose enough skin to the sun for a long enough period each day. So, the result is a Vitamin D deficiency.
Deficiency Symptoms
There is a disease called rickets. This disease result in malformed bones and growth, especially in children. The cause of this condition is Vitamin D. Giving both Vitamin D and calcium can help with the effects of this disease. But, other symptoms occur before the deficiency becomes this bad. This can include muscle weakness, depression, mental confusion, headaches, constipation, and bone fractures.
Diseases Associated With Vitamin D Deficiency
Studies have shown a correlation between a number of conditions and Vitamin D deficiency. While Vitamin D does not cause these conditions, low levels can make them worse.
Asthma sufferers, including those with COPD, with low levels of Vitamin D have worse episodes of lung problems and more frequent attacks.
Depression increases in those with a lack of Vitamin D.
Heart Disease
A lack of Vitamin D can cause problems with the function of the heart muscle and the conduction of the electricity that controls the heartbeat.
High Blood Pressure
Low levels of calcium result in the body being less able to respond to stress, thus generating higher blood pressure than should be needed by the body.
Cancer patients with lower levels of Vitamin D have more infections and their disease spreads faster throughout the body.
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Most arthritis victims have low levels of Vitamin D. Improving this level can result in a decrease in the swelling from arthritis.
Vitamin D deficiency leads to an increase in blood sugar levels and a decrease in the ability to control sugar levels in the body.
Multiple Schlerosis
Vitamin D deficiency leads to more frequent problems with this disease, which involves muscle problems.
Dental Disease
Lack of Vitamin D can cause cavities and dental disease due to malformed teeth.
So, if you think you might have a low level of Vitamin D, have your doctor test for this. The cure is simple; the taking of Vitamin D supplements to bring your levels up to normal.

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