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Autism - Early Signs

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Autism - Early Signs

Post by AlleyRose on Mon Nov 10, 2014 8:34 pm

Autism usually manifests in the first year of life; its onset is not later than 3 years. Listed below are some of the things to watch for as a child grows. These developmental landmarks may be used as a guide to gauge a child's development. If there are any concerns about a child's development or if there is a loss of any skills at any age talk to a doctor as soon as possible.
By end of 12 monthsBy end of 12 months
• Watches faces intently, responds to other people's expressions of emotion• Does not pay attention to or frightened of new faces
• Smiles, imitates some facial expressions, follows moving object with eyes• Does not smile, does not follow moving object with eyes
• Begins to babble, imitates sounds and words, brings hand to mouth• Does not babble, laugh and has difficulty bringing objects to the mouth
• Has single words like "dada", repeats sounds or gestures for attention• Has no words
• Turns head toward direction of sound, responds to own name• Does not turn head to locate sounds and appears not to respond to loud noises
• Pushes down on legs when feet placed on a firm surface; raises head and chest when lying on stomach• Does not push down on legs when feet placed on a firm surface
• Smiles at mother or primary care-givers voice, prefers them over all others• Does not show affection to primary care-giver, dislikes being cuddled
• Can sit up without assistance, can pull self up to stand, walks holding on to furniture• Does not crawl, cannot stand when supported
• Waves 'bye-bye' and points to objects• Does not use gestures such as waving or pointing
By 24 monthsBy 24 months
• Walks alone, with support can negotiate stairs and furniture, carries and pulls toys while walking• Cannot walk by 18 months or walks only on his toes, cannot push a wheeled toy
• Has several single words by 15 to 18 months; uses simple phrases by 24 months• Does not speak; does not imitate actions, cannot follow simple instructions
• Imitates behaviour of others, excited about company of other children• Does not appear to know the function of common household object such as a telephone by 15 months
By 36 monthsBy 36 months
• Uses 4-5 word sentences, understands most sentences and instructions• Very limited speech, does not use short phrases, has difficulty in understanding simple instructions
• Imitates adults and playmates, expresses affection openly, separates easily from parents• Has little interest in other children, has difficulty separating from mother or primary care-giver
• Sorts objects by shape and colour• Difficulty in manipulating small objects
• Plays make believe• Has little interest in 'make-believe' play
• Climbs well, runs, kicks a ball, negotiates stairs unaided• Frequently falls, has difficulty with stairs
Many of the danger signs are the very ones that often trouble parents months or years before a child is formally diagnosed with a developmental delay disorder. They are the very things a parent worries about when a baby seems distant or unresponsive, an eighteen-month-old is not talking, or a three-year-old is not playing with other children"
Nancy Wiseman. Could It Be Autism? A Parent's Guide to the First Signs and Next Steps. Westminster, MD, USA: Broadway Books, 2006.

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